Let’s try this…


Hey~ Swan here.

I’m trying things out, trying to organize stuff. Not too sure if we need a site a all at this point, but heck, I thought I’d at least give it a go. Who knows?
The project links currently lead to our forum, in which you need to be registered.
It’s definitely not as fancy or elaborated as our last one (which I had no idea how to operate), but I think it looks cool~
Heh, it seems I created an account here sometime back in 2011. Boy can I procrastinate.

Tell me if you think we should:

-Use the site only and post the DL links here.

-Use both site and forum (tell me how that’s gonna work since we don’t have a community).

-Use forum only.

As always, help wanted~ Especially J-E translators.


One thought on “Let’s try this…

  1. I think the forum is fine the way it is, but it might be more convenient for you however to just scrap the forum altogether and use only the site with DL links here.
    It’s up to you whatever you find more useful and time-saving 🙂

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