New Site

This site is no long active, please visit our current site at http://www.hotcakes.cc.nf


Let’s try this…


Hey~ Swan here.

I’m trying things out, trying to organize stuff. Not too sure if we need a site a all at this point, but heck, I thought I’d at least give it a go. Who knows?
The project links currently lead to our forum, in which you need to be registered.
It’s definitely not as fancy or elaborated as our last one (which I had no idea how to operate), but I think it looks cool~
Heh, it seems I created an account here sometime back in 2011. Boy can I procrastinate.

Tell me if you think we should:

-Use the site only and post the DL links here.

-Use both site and forum (tell me how that’s gonna work since we don’t have a community).

-Use forum only.

As always, help wanted~ Especially J-E translators.